Tatra, one of the largest beer brands in the Polish market is undergoing evolution which systematically affects its perception. The key element of these changes is the packaging.

On the occasion of the most important event for the brand, which is the lottery, the Tatra team has decided, for the first time, to boldly interfere with the graphic design of all SKU.


This attitude meant that we were facing an exceptionally interesting challenge. An adventure full of creative freedom with one objective: to introduce a new quality to the packaging design of Grupa Żywiec’s most important brand from the point of view of volume.

We decided to design the packaging completely from scratch, getting rid of the most characteristic elements, at the same time keeping in mind the character and brand recognition. A challenge that only the best designers can face.


Tatra’s lottery packaging for 2021 brings out all the most important values of the brand, presenting them in a modern and unique way.

Despite this, no one will confuse our packaging with another brand and, what is equally important, they will effectively learn about the rules of the promotion. With such a package, complementing our activities with a broadly defined BTL support was just a formality.

Grupa Żywiec
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