Shopper Marketing.

We know what’s best when it comes to sales. Supporting brands in crucial moment – during consumers decision process – is main concern of our shopper marketing experts. Every year more and more customers decide what they buy, today almost 76% shopper decisions are made in stores.  Global trend change is a fact now – despite expenditure allocated on ATL campaings, 68% of choices made by shopping shelf is not planned.


BTL Campaings are crucial elements of shopper marketing. That includes sales promotion, image campaings and contests, which we design from the first drafts to final execution. Many years of working with international brands gives us unique competences in designing visual communication on the highest possible level. We remember that proper preperation of sales or contest campaign requires not only vast knowlegde about brand, but also shopper missions and familiarity of target group.

POSM Design.

We don’t treat counter displays as just another shelf for products. From concept’s scratch to flawless execution we work on unconventional ways to take consumers on fantastic journey to brand’s world. Attractive and elegant yet budgetly optimized executions are our hallmark. We are not afraid of challenging ourself, and to think outside of the box. This allows us to provide not only innovative, but also effective and great looking shopping tools.


Packing plays an important role in brands communication. Outside of obvious functions in product protection and transportation, it is also the instrument of marketing communication. The fight for consuments attention begins in packaging. Many times it determines the final choice of the product. That’s why we approach to packing design with great care and creative energy that allows us to develop truly innovative solutions.


Projects life begins with a start of the production; that’s when materials we created come to life and receive their final form. Our production division is strictly intergrated with design studio, which optimizes not only design processess, but also is cost effecient. We know how important for our Clients are budget matters and because of that we are thinking about potential costs at the very beginning of the project. At the same time, we put great focus on delivering the highest possible quality. Attention! We are on time, every time!

Brand Experience Design.

We create not only packaging and POS materials. We think that the real challenge is to build a brand from scratch and to introduce it to the market in a way that can’t be forgotten. We develop for our Clients brand strategies, depending on established and reliable data.

Events / Workshops.

Sometimes we are going out to do some work. We share our knowledge and know-how by orginizing creative workshops and events, and helping our Clients with similar endeavors.

Incentive Programs.

We design rules for effective incentive programs, both for retailers and customers. We ensure that their mechanics are simple enough for everyone, but also appealing, not only in terms of listed prizes.

3D Graphic Design and Modeling.

3D modeling is one of our greatest specialities. We have over 10 years of experience working for global brands,. The latest software and powerful stored in-house render farm allows us to offer great quality with assurance of timely execution.

3D Animation.

Modeling is not everything. True challenge lies in a way of making 3D model look and act like real.  We won’t animate you a dragon over night, but you can be sure that fotorealistic interior animation or product ad will be terrific.

Postproduction FX.

We know how crucial it is to make final versions of 3D model or animation to look simply stunning.