When in 2014 we created project named Global Shopper Marketing, we assumed giving beginning to professional, effecient, simply the best shopper marketing agency. During last five years, we proved to our unique Clients that they can depend on us in every case, both complex projects and assignments that needs to be done ASAP.

Every project we commit ourselft to is prioritized and executed on the best possible level.

Ambition pushes us to go forward, to build experiences. It let’s us change to always be a step ahead before our Clients expectations, and trends emerging on a market. This approach keeps us going and allows to evolve, expand our horizons and undertake even harder, more complex challenges.

Dear Clients, you have a right to expect from us even more and to check our abilities in new business fields. And we have great responsibility to meet every expectation, because it is YOUR SUCCESS THAT IS OUR GOAL.