Warka desired to stand out in rather saturated beer market and build high recognition of the brand. There was a need for a whole new perspective on visual identification. What Warka need was not only great promotional packaging, but also impactful Key Visual and its conversion to POS materials.

GlobalSM WARKA Ronaldinho
GlobalSM WARKA Ronaldinho
GlobalSM WARKA Ronaldinho
GlobalSM WARKA Ronaldinho


Working on whole activation was an excellent experience for us. The number of changed elements on a can shows how enormous this project was. New packaging featured well known brazilian football star, Ronaldinho won World Championship with Brazil team, but also is a winner of such prizes as Ballon d’Or, UEFA and FIFA Player of the Year and winner of Champions League.

Displaying his image on the packaging was a complicated task to do, however that is exactly what we like! No difficulties can stop us! Quite the opposite, they boost our morale! Ronaldinho’s image appeared on Warka Jasne Pelne, Warka Strong packaging, as well as on promotional materials.

GlobalSM WARKA Ronaldinho


Our objective was to support client’s promotional activations. Proposed project gained recognition and was implemted. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to passion, engagement and courage in designing, we had an opportunity, in coordination with fantastic Warka team, to create unforgettable project.

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