The Powerade needed help with building a brand experience during a series of half marathons. They were looking for agency which would take care of visibility and show the most important idea and  the message of the product. Powerade wanted to be remembered as a companion in the half marathon competition.


We love innovative solutions, so it was very important for us to recommend something more than just sampling, which is very popular at every event.

We have developed a big idea for series of half marathons. We focused on the activations, which were attractive not only for runners but also for a fans. We recommended different gifts, gadgets, motivational slogans, water courtain and special wall where everyone could make a popular boomerang.

What’s more?

We have not forgotten about loyal fans, because we created for them special mural, where they could sign or draw something. Thanks to this every city received a unique souvenir.


Powerade during half marathons encouraged to increase physical activity and care for good nutrition of the body. It is very important before and during exercise.

Thanks to openness to new products and unconventional thinking we created amazing, unforgettable experience!

Thank you for your trust!