When the Bourbon Legends campaign came to Poland, it was clear that in order to its success we will need well-tailored promotion at the points of sale. A promotion that will perfectly match the image of bourbon brand with a 250-year old tradition.

GlobalSM Jim Beam
GlobalSM Jim Beam


It was a hard nut to crack. Recommendation of the best solutions was a huge, creative challenge for us. As a part of the project we designed  a special display managing whisky&burbon category. The goal has been achived! We created something special which matched the Bourbon Legends perfectly! It was very important for us to show  more than 250 years of  heritage – we managed to do that by using dark wood, which resembled traditional barrels used in the process of bourbon maturing.

Moreover, we also had a pleasure to design christmas display which was connected with a special promotion in this special period. The main goal was to increase a visibility of our product in the most important points of sale.

GlobalSM Jim Beam


Our execution has been positively received by a Client and what is more important – by the customers. The goal has been achived! Our campaign – Bourbon Legends – attracted desired attention!

Jim Beam
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