Since 13th of March 2020 all gastronomic establishments were forced to close. For all it meant serious problems, while for some it was synonymous with lack of financial liquidity. Żywiec Group, which is a corporation engaged in development of HORECA channel, decided to find a solution, thanks to which not only institutions but also consumers, would have a chance to support and rescue our favorite meetings spots.


The challenge was taken and with common forces we conducted #GASTROAKCJA activation. The main goal is to help restaurants by introducing virtual online vouchers, which can be used for a whole menu in chosen restaurants, available online on gastroakcja.pl or #GastroAkcja application. All vouchers can be used after reopening of restaurants, as soon as pandemic ceases.

Within activation we were responsible for the whole visual identity, starting with project’s name, logotypes, Key Visual and online/mobile platform creatives, which were base of this activation.

Working on online creatives is the apple of our eye, while connecting it with a such beautiful and right initiative, preparing it was a pure pleasure.


Activation was planned for the beginning of May, therefore it is rather hard to talk about effects, however we strongly believe that such an initiative will be well perceived by consumers, who support such cause. We are certain of proposed actions and that is why we would like to thank our client for making us the part of it.

Remember that everyone has a chance to support chosen restaurant, all you need to do is to buy online voucher on gastroakcja.pl. Together we are powerful!

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